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Work Experience


Translator | SPTraduções

Assistance with the company's translation demands, working mainly with the pair PT<>IT, but also PT<>EN.
The work consists of the initial stage of the translation process, which starts from receiving originals, transcription, translation and general standardization (this will be followed by a review and an oath, carried out by third parties).


Proofreader | Freelancer/MEI

With over 6 years of experience in the market, I work as an editorial and project coordinator, editorial assistant and proofreader (of textbooks, TCCs, comic books, etc.).


Editorial Assistant | Atarukas Produção Editorial

I was trained for 4 months as an Editorial Assistant, assisting in a project to review the textbooks for Anglo's preparatory course and with the publisher's demands.
The partnership was successful and continues today (2024), as a freelancer/MEI.


Intern | Agência USP de Inovação

To be able to focus on my studies, I did an internship at the University of São Paulo.
Now applying my technical knowledge, I assisted with demands related to the University's intellectual properties nationwide, providing support to those involved in the processes via telephone and email, managing requests and updating data for internal management.


Intern | ZUPI Design e Editora Ltda

Over a period of 4 months, I was an intern in writing, content creation, social media (responsible for managing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus) and production of printed and digital articles. Although the time was short, it was quite enriching and I had the opportunity to work on my creativity and learn to manage and organize time and my tasks.


Apprentice | Real e Benemérita Associação Portuguesa de Beneficência

I had the opportunity to be an Apprentice, getting to know the general administration of the Nursing sector of a hospital. I provided personal and telephone assistance, entry and filing of documents, met the general service demands, and was responsible for entering the employees' data into the hospital's system.



University of São Paulo | Bachelor Degree

Qualification in Portuguese/Italian. Course of 160 credits divided into a basic cycle, optional electives and free electives.


SENAI Carlos Pasquale

800h technical course, consisting of classes and service provision (Apprentice) with the Real e Benemérita Associação Portuguesa de Beneficência. Classes in Administration, Finance, IT, Management, among others.

Extra courses


Fundamentals of Drawing | Curso ABRA

Course with a total workload of 60 hours that teaches the basic concepts of drawing techniques up to working with light and shadow.

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