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Here you will find the main projects I have worked on, including printed articles and self-published books I have proofread, among others.

I work as a project coordinator, preparer, and proofreader of educational materials, having participated in projects for several renowned publishers such as FTD Educação, Somos Educação, SAS Plataforma de Educação, Pearson do Brasil, and Santillana. My skills include flow, schedule, and quality control, content creation, and translation (PT <> IT and PT <> EN).


Lumen | Poliedro - 2023/2024

Proofreading of Lumen's textbooks from Editora Poliedro, focusing on ensuring graphic design adequacy, adherence to publisher's standards, and verifying the completeness of project files.

Acessibilidade - 2023/2024

The project involves reviewing the transcribed content from original PDFs converted into .doc files. After transcription, we verify compliance with standards, organize information for a smooth reading flow, and adjust images. Finally, the file is converted back to PDF format.

As Minhas Idiotices... | André Ota aka Tofu Verde

Editing of @tofuverde's second self-published comic.

Pré-Vestibulares | SAS - 2022

I worked as a proofreader for SAS's Pré-Vestibulares textbooks. Additionally, I coordinated the second book of the project, overseeing the flow of files between proofreaders and designers, monitoring material assembly and review processes, resolving issues, and managing other project requirements.