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​Translation Project

Here, I intend to present free translation projects to create a collection that will allow me to publicize my work.

​Translation and transcription of TED videos

I make voluntary transcriptions, subtitles and translations of TEDx videos, a program licensed and guided by the TED organization for independent local production of lectures and events.

I work with English and Portuguese transcriptions and EN <> PT-BR translations, in addition to practice translations in PT-BR <> IT.

Veja os vídeos já traduzidos:

​Translation and transcription of Alice Cappelle channel videos

I transcribed, separated the text by themes (according to the video), and translated Alice Cappelle's videos into Portuguese. The author started producing content as a way to practice English, and so because I enjoy watching her videos, that inspired me to practice my language skills as well. The idea is to make the discussions proposed by Alice more accessible. After completing the translations of her videos, the next step is to start practicing translating them into Italian, and subtitling them.

Check out the videos available:

"i'm not like other girls" in the Queen's Gambit

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